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investment property positive gear cash flow positive free SMSF self managed super funds rent tax

Ask us how.  Low interest rates and high rental returns plus generous tax incentives mean for the average investor our selected properties in boom areas might be positively geared even with 100% borrowings.

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10 Year Rental Guarantee

10 year rental guarantee investment property SMSF self managed super funds no risk high cash flow

For your complete peace of mind our carefully selected properties in boom areas come with 10 years rental guarantees at a minimum of 4% which is enough to cover the cost of interest in many cases.

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Up to 40% returns with your superannuation, no risk

SMSF free setup Self managed super funds tax free no tax reduce tax property investment retire early

Use your superannuation (which has a historical average return of only just over 7%) as a deposit on an investment property in boom area for far better and safer returns

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NRAS high cash flow cash flow positive investment property National Rental Affordability Scheme high

High cash flow - around 8%

High Cash flow or Capital growth?  Which is best for you and your current stage of life?  Do you want a high return to spend now in your retirement or to pay down your home loan faster?  Want better returns than your super funds or the banks?

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high capital growth rate investment property area cash flow positive rental returns reduce tax SMSF

High capital growth - around 30%

Investors usually make more money out of capital growth than they do out of cash flow.  Several areas have enjoyed around 30% capital growth in the last year and are expected to see similar outstanding growth this year too.  Ask us where...

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FHB first home buyers government grant no stamp duty no deposit 100% finance buy now property own

First Home Buyers FHB

Get better deals out the builders using our group buying power.  Get 100% finance to approved purchasers.  No need to waste time and rent while saving for a deposit and keep missing out while house prices rapidly increase in the most popular areas.  

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Get your free consultation with award winning Mortgage Brokers who have been helping people pay off their home in  just a few years, at the same time saving TAX and setting up for a great retirement. 

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Stop wasting your tax!  Use it pay off your own home and put it towards a far better retirement.  Unless you are a politician your super will probably not be enough.  Make your super work as hard as you do


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